7 Tips to combat the lockdown blues

Plans squashed, loved ones missed, mile-stones skipped. This is the world we are living in with many disappointments becoming regular occurrences in our day to day lives.
The constant build up of taking a few steps forward, then what feels like a hundred steps back.
Being motivated then feeling deflated, Theres no really shiny, happy, optimistic way to put it this in and out of lockdown is HARD.
Today my emotions have ranged from flat to happy to bored, lethargic, playful, mad and all of the in-between - But then mostly I feel numb, not really knowing what to expect in the weeks to come and struggling with the idea of planning things only to have them fall through or not come to fruition.
I’ve been madly saging my home, misting myself and sipping on Tea and wanted to share some tips that have helped me brave the storm.


My tops tips to help combat the lockdown blues:
  1. Bedtime routine ~ I’m a light sleeper from way back, maybe it's my tendency to overthink things, from a young age I knew the importance of a solid bed routine. It involves allowing at least 15mins to clean my face, brush my teeth calmly and my absolute non-negotiable is Yin Mist on my pillow and around my head as I’m settling. I then focus on taking some full belly breaths and allowing my focus to drift into my body. #bliss
  2. Blue blocking Glasses ~ This is a game changer in lockdown! All that extra screen time is a total buzz kill for our circadian rhythm which has follow on effects for our mood and our hormones. Wearing Blue blocking glasses throughout the day whist on any device including laptops, tablets, phone and TV will help limit your exposure to blue lights which can affect our ability to fall a sleep and rest deeply.
  3. Reading a novel ~ Sounds a bit corny but tuning out and reading something you love, can get lost in, loose track of time with is the best! I love travel and since loosing the ability to travel and loose myself in planning a holiday books are a great way to switch off and get lost, Reading is also a great habit to build into your get bedtime routine to reduce screen time and help you fall asleep more easily.
  4. Herbal Tea ~ Yin Tea for the win. This babe is perfect to sip at times of stress and throughout the evening instead of the mid-week glass of wine. If herbal tea’s are new to you experiment with different types and flavours until you find something you love. Tea is a great way to stay hydrated in the cooler months and get the added benefits from different herbs.
  5. Time in nature ~ My number one go to! Fresh air, and getting your heart rate up in nature will do wonders for your soul. Don’t over think it, get outside and your body will thank you for it. If you have a backyard and some grass, take your shoes off and stand on the earth enjoying some time “Earthing” which helps you connect with nature and may help relieve muscle tension and increase energy. [The local park will also do]
  6. Bathtime ~ Grab some Inner States bath-soak, a book and run yourself a warm bath. Not only will you carve some time out of your day to reset, water has a beautiful calming nature and bathing can help relieve tired and sore muscles, promote deep sleep, and reduce stress.⁠

At the end of the day I’m a big believer in using all the tools in your tool belt, carving out mindful moments sprinkled throughout the day. Its a tough time though so go easy on yourself! Allow your emotions to bubble to the surface and lean on your loved ones for support if you really need to help please reach out to a professional:

Lifeline Crisis support 13 11 14
Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental health support 1800 512 348
Sending Love
Lucy xx