Inner States

Fluorite rough pocket stone - Intuitively selected

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Varied in colour and appearance yet equally as soothing, these cute little pocket cystals are a great addition to your toolbox.
Fluorite may help cleanse your aura and help protect the wearer/user from negative energy: cleansing, purifying and dispelling energy. 

A great crystal to have in your workspace to help fight off electromagnetic stress.

Fluorite for confidence and clarity, to connect back in with what’s important with a clear mind and focus. It supports calm and balance and has a stabilising effect on our mind and body helping release unwanted subconscious thoughts or patterning and increasing mind-body awareness helping bring order to chaos.

A great Crystal to use and with out Yin or Meditate product ranges.

Intuitively selected for you - all slightly differ in colour, size and shape


We will intuitively select the right piece for you.