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Karmic Lucky Dip - 3 Pocket stones

  • $7.00

Add to cart and we will send you a little package with a "karmic" selection of small stones.

The selection is not limited too but may include any three of the following:

Amethyst - Purple points and tumbled. Calming and soothing and promotes love, courage and calm.

Aventurine - Green tumbled. A stone of prosperity. This crystal diffuses negative situations and encourages empathy and compassion.

Unakite Jasper - Mottled green tumbled. Supports the fusion of the spirit and physical body.

Clear Quartz - Clear tumbled stone. The master healer, Amplifies, releases and stores energy.

Dendric Opal - Flat white mottled chip. Connects all chakras and increases positivity, aids growth in the physical and spiritual realms.

Citrine - Tumbled yellow to clear with gold inclusions. Citrine will help you attract wealth, abundance, joy, and prosperity. It' an amazing stone for manifesting your goals.

Agate - Blue, Camel, Green, Black and white tumbled.  A soothing and calming stone, It can help bring confidence and strength and also improve mental function for analytical tasks.

Blood Stone - Purple points and tumbled. Black and red tumbled. A powerful healing stone which helps heighten intuition and creativity

Carnelian - Red tumbled. Boosts action to go fearlessly after what you want, Known as a stone of motivation and endurance

Pyrite - Metallic  raw. Pyrite is a stone that embodies masculine energy and is yang in nature. It helps cultivate confidence, drive, motivation, and enthusiasm.

Perfect for the big and small kids alike.