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Large Karmic Lucky Dip

  • $10.00

Add to cart and we will send you a little package with a "karmic" selection of small stones. 

Perfect for the big and small kids alike. 

This larger size lucky dip may have ay two of the following:

Amethyst - Purple points and tumbled. Calming and soothing and promotes love, courage and calm.

Peacock Ore - rough rainbow coloured. Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness and joy, it is said to turn you in positive directions, and help channel happiness to others as well as harmonising your body and mi nd

Citrine - Tumbled yellow to clear with gold inclusions. Citrine will help you attract wealth, abundance, joy, and prosperity. It' an amazing stone for manifesting your goals.


Pyrite - Metallic  raw. Pyrite is a stone that embodies masculine energy and is yang in nature. It helps cultivate confidence, drive, motivation, and enthusiasm.

Honey Calcite - Yellow raw - May help aid in finding your personal power and boost self esteem. Its a grounding stone which can help with decision making, confidence and taking action

Vanadinite - raw rock - boosts energy, creativity and motivation - It will help you stay grounded in a methodical and organised way and promote playfulness and curiosity

Epidote - Green rough - Helps increase perception, Clearing and spiritual growth.

Rose Quartz - rough - The stone of universal love, helps aid in loving yourself and bring harmony to your relationships. It has a nurturing energy and is a great healing stones.