About Scent

Scent is an amazing sense, it can awaken a long forgotten memory, remind us of friends, family and treasured travel destinations, it can help drop us into a certain state when used in repetition, It’s the perfect tool to use in daily ritual which is why we love it so much.

Scent is such a powerful sense it literally affects our brain chemistry etching moments into our memory and allowing us to drop into a different state of consciousness more easily.

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years for their ability to affect the physical and subtle bodies, they can effect your mood and your disposition.

We love the way your whole body can calm when you walk into a room with lavender diffusing, or the way you feel uplifted when you smell citrus or eucalyptus. 

We have worked with a botanical perfumerie to use their expertise and knowledge in developing fragrances that are well balanced with layers of subtleness to promote a certain state of mind.

We don't put anything in our products we don't use in our own home or on our own bodies.

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