About Us

My name is Lucy and I'm from Melbourne.

In my early 20's I started yoga and fell in love with the mind-body benefits, it had me questioning many things...

What is a good life? How can I feel like the best version of myself? This question is one Yogi's have asked themselves through out the ages. 

I spent years integrating habits and tools to be the best happiest version of myself including becoming a health coach and a yoga teacher.

I've learnt to own my shadow and realised you can't bypass the bad to get to the good.

In the chaos of 2020 and a global pandemic, Inner States was born. Ive worked with experts, loved ones and paired my experience in brand marketing to birth my baby into the world.

Ive been shown in life time and time again, things don't always go to plan, when you have a few good tools under the belt to pull on when you're stressed, tired and flat it can be a huge help to achieve a well balanced life.

Our products are crafted with so much love and care by hand in small batches. My husband Josh is my side-kick and Guinea pig alongside many family and friends who have given them the once over and final tick of approval.

Its your state of mind, what do you need?

Me? I need yoga, routine, alone time, my family + friends, pizza, and cuddles with my dogs Lola and Oakie.

Thanks so much for supporting my baby, you literally have no idea how much it means