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Flow Japanese style Incense

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Flow Japanese incense ~ 26 sticks ~ 23 hours burn time.

We all know that feeling when we are in our flow state; the zone. We are focused yet calm, happy, confident and creative. Our hearts are open and we are in flow with the rhythm of life.

Japanese style incense sticks hand scented in Melbourne. Flow has a Vietnamese Agarwood base stick which creates a woody and deep foundation for our Flow aromatherapy blend.

Combining vibrant floral rose and soft, sweet and woody undertones including vanilla and patchouli this incense promotes self-expression and creativity. Our incense is made of ground wood, natural glue binder and 100% natural aromatherapy oils and free from synthetics and other nasties it will have a subtle yet fulfilling fragrance to enjoy in your home as part of your daily routine or daily rituals


Fluidity ~ Creativity ~ Momentum ~ Authenticity ~ Uplifting ~ Inspired ~ Focus ~ Radiance ~ Freedom ~ Expression ~ Vibrancy ~ Expression ~ Freedom


Place an incense stick in a holder and light the end of the stick, allow the stick to ignite completely before blowing out the flame and then leave to incense to smoulder.


Agarwood and 100% pure aromatherapy oil blend.

Hand made in Melbourne from imported and local ingredients. We make our products with natural ingredients and our essential oils are high-grade natural aromatherapy oils with no nasties or synthetics.

Before use please read:

Never leave burning incense unattended.

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