Inner States

Inner States Heat Packs ~ Flow infused

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Orange Chenille
Pink Chenille
Pastel Terry

Its a VIBE. Retro sports aesthetic eat your heart out.

Made from soft plush 100% cotton Terry towelling or up-cycled vintage cotton Chenille blankets, sustainably minded and super lush.

Reusable hot and cold pack made from natural fibres and where possible reclaimed fabric and filled with essential oil infused rice. Perfect to help ease your aches and pains. The perfect size to drape across the back of your neck, your belly or your knee.

Infused with our Flow essential oil blending: including combination of bright floral rose and soft, sweet and woody undertones including cardamom and mandarin this aroma promotes self-expression and creativity.

Instructions: Please warm me in the microwave for 90 seconds and then 30 second increments until desired heat is achieved. Please make sure you have a small dish of water in the microwave whilst heating.

For a cool treat: Place me in a container in your freezer for minimum of 2 hours. Use to cool your neck or other areas which need some TLC

Approximate weight + size - 34cm x 11cm, 750gr

*Please note scent may fade with use and sizes and design may vary slightly to make sure we are utilising the whole blanket