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Meditate Japanese style Incense

Meditate Japanese incense ~ 26 sticks ~ 22hrs hours burn time

Japanese style incense sticks hand scented in Melbourne. Our Meditate incense has a Western Australian base stick which creates a soft and earthy foundation for our Meditate aromatherapy blend. Layers of greenery and woody notes including buddhawood, frankincense and juniper. This blend is intoxicatingly grounding and may help restore clarity and connection with self.


Relax ~ Ground ~ Oneness ~ Union ~ Clarity ~ Contemplation ~ Expansion ~


Place an incense stick in a holder and light the end of the stick, allow the stick to ignite completely before blowing out the flame and then leave to incense to smoulder.


Sandalwood and 100% pure aromatherapy oil blend.

Hand made in Melbourne from imported and local ingredients. We make our products with natural ingredients and our essential oils are high-grade natural aromatherapy oils with no nasties or synthetics.

Before use please read:

Never leave burning incense unattended.