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Palo Santo Stick

  • $18.00

Smouldering smoke has been used throughout the ages in everyday ritual and ceremony to cleanse and purify.

Palo Santo has a beautiful earthy scented smoke when burnt and will help dissipate negative energy and is said to help bring good energy to a space or person.

Palo Santo is also a great companion to cleanse crystals.

Our Palo Santo is Bursera Graveolens and has been ethically sourced from Peru and also known as "Holy wood" it has a rich earthy scent.

Add Palo Santo to your favourite ritual and allow the smoke to ground and purify.

How to use:

~ Use a candle or stovetop to light the end of the Palo Santo wood.

~ Wait until you can see red embers and smoke, then blow out the flame.

~ Waft the smoke around yourself or the desired space to cleanse.

~ Always use a heatproof dish to collect embers and never leave burning Palo Santo unattended.

Each large piece is approx 10cm x 2cm x 2cm