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Pyrite crystal pieces - Intuitively selected by us

  • $5.00

The mineral pyrite is often also known as fool's gold, Pyrite's metallic luster and pale brass-yellow hue give it at first glance a superficial resemblance to gold

Pyrite is a stone that embodies masculine energy and is yang in nature. It helps cultivate confidence, drive, motivation, and enthusiasm.

It harnesses the energy of action and will help manifest your dreams with confidence and strip away procrastination, a great stone to work with if you need a little nudge to get those tasks you've been putting off done!

Pyrite is a must-have piece in your home office or workspace.

Pyrite can also help protect your environment from negative energy.

Pyrite is the perfect piece to pair back with our Yang product range.

Each piece is approx 3-5cm wide and ranges in crystal formations from small cubic faces to more granular and sparkly crystal formulations. We will intuitively select the right piece for you.