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Smoky Citrine generator - 057

  • $65.00

Smoky Citrine Quartz is a combination of Citrine and Smoky Quartz. Dark brown with yellow patches in clear crystal form this generator is a real beauty.

Smokey quartz is a grounding stone with the ability to help you feel anchored and attuned. It can help you settle in your body and aid in relieving trauma and anxiety. Smokey Quartz is perfect to help dissolve negative energies.

Citrine the happy crystal will help you attract wealth, abundance, joy, and prosperity. It's an amazing stone for manifesting your goals by sparking your imagination and giving you the passion to "do"

This powerful combination will help anchor and ground your manifestations into reality - It combines the best attributes of both crystals. 

This crystal is a great addition to anyone who is working to make their dreams a reality and manifesting the life they want.

This generator has such gorgeous variations of smokey colour through it, this babe weighs 200gr and is 11cm long and 3cm wide.