Inner States

Space clear mist 50ml

The scent of white sage helps evoke feelings of positivity. This mist may help clear stagnant and negative energy and is perfect to create a clearing ritual in your home, office or by misting yourself without the need to light anything.

Blending Australian grown white sage, sandalwood and Lavender this mist provides a calming and mood enhancing scent that is slightly camphorous yet smokey, woody and subtly floral providing all the benefits of smudging without the smoke.

If you're a lover of white sage then this is the perfect addition to your home.

Using high quality natural ingredients including Australian essential oils of White sage, Sandalwood and Lavender, hand blended in Australia with love

White Sage: 

Clearing ~ Purifying ~ Neutralising ~ Calming ~ Subtle ~ Rejuvenating ~ Positive ~


Shake well and mist around your space and body or crystals.