Inner States

Spirit Quartz small individual points

  • $8.00

Spirit Quartz also is known as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz has the ability to connect you to the spirit realm, its the perfect stone for intention setting and manifestation.

It brings clarity to the mind and helps remove emotional fatigue and heal emotional scars and trauma.

Spirit Quartz is a core larger, candle-shaped crystal clear Quartz encrusted with hundreds of smaller baby amethyst crystals that are formed on the outside with an amethyst point on the end.

These amazing pieces are crystals of Harmony and Alignment, It takes all the crystal energies of the main stone (Quartz) and amplifies them over and over again in all the tiny points (Amethyst)

These pieces are gorgeous and sparkly, the individual points range in colour and size but are approximately between 2cm-4cm each.

This is a great stone to carry on you for intention setting or to journal with or mediate with.

We will intuitively select a piece for you.