Inner States

Rainbow Fluorite octahedron

Varied in colour and appearance yet displaying an array of colours and patterns including green, aqua, blue and purple.

Rainbow Fluorite may help cleanse your aura and help protect the wearer/user from negative energy: cleansing, purifying and dispelling energy. 

A great crystal to have in your workspace to help fight off electromagnetic stress.

Rainbow Fluorite for confidence and clarity, to connect back in with what’s important with a clear mind and focus. It supports calm and balance and has a stabilising effect on our mind and body helping release unwanted subconscious thoughts or patterning and increasing mind-body awareness helping bring order to chaos.

A great Crystal to use and with out Yin or Meditate product ranges.

Intuitively selected for you - all slightly differ in colour, size and shape

The Octahedron shape is said to amplify the energy of the crystal.

size 4cm diameter, colours vary and so we will intuitively pick the perfect piece for you.